Sunday, January 02, 2011

Valley of the River Thame near Chearsley - Buckinghamshire

My first walk of the year took me down into the valley of the River Thame near Chearsley ( The temperature throughout the walk was 3°C with about 90% thin cloud cover and some weak winter sun.

The following were of note.


27 species were seen and/or heard and recorded in BirdTrack ( The key sighting was a small but dispersed flock of Teal (Anas crecca). There were at least 4 individuals but, possibly, 2 or 3 additional birds. Teal have yet to be noted by me on the Thame during the breeding season; so, my assumption is that these were winter visitors to the valley.


Some fresh Mole (Talpa europaea) activity noted where the land appeared just above areas subject to recent flooding.

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