Friday, June 04, 2010

Emmington - Oxfordshire

The weather was so good today that I took an hour or so out over lunch to complete my first Wider Countryside Butterfly Survey ( of the year. I am conducting the survey on the same 1km Grid Square (SP7402 - Emmington in Oxfordshire) I survey for the BTO Breeding Bird Survey and will attempt to do 6 WCBS visits between now and the end of August.

Butterflies seen and then recorded on the WCBS website:

• Large White (Pieris brassicae); 4

• Small White (Pieris rapae); 6

• Green-veined White (Pieris napi);5

• Orange-tip (Anthocharis cardamines); 5

• Small Copper (Lycaena phlaeas); 4

• Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus); a mating pair

• Peacock (Inachis io); 1

• Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria); 3

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