Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rushbeds Wood and Lapland Farm - Buckinghamshire

Sunday 27th and I completed my last summer TTV survey on Tetrad SP61S for the BTO Bird Atlas 2007-11. Not sure it was the best day to carry out the survey given that the temperature ranged from 20° to 27°C with 100% sun. However, I had no choice.

During the timed survey I counted 23 bird species and the numbers of each species have now been loaded to the BTO website. I was pleased to be able to obtain confirmed breeding records for Wren (Troglodytes troglodytes), Blackcap (Sylvia atricapilla) and Blue Tit (Cyanistes caeruleus).

On the botanical side it was great to see the fields of Lapland Farm looking so good and floristically rich.

Lapland Farm

Lapland Farm

Of note for me were the numbers of Common Spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsia) in flower. Significant numbers seen over Lapland Farm with smaller numbers scattered throughout the Wood.

Common Spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsia)

Common Spotted-orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsia)

Given the conditions the butterflies put on a good show with the following species on the wing:

• Meadow Brown (Maniola jurtina); 10+

• Small Heath (Coenonympha pamphilus); 1

• Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae); 1

• Common Blue (Polyommatus icarus); 1

• Large Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanus); 10+

• Speckled Wood (Pararge aegeria); 10+

• Marbled White (Melanargia galathea); 20+ all at Lapland Farm

• Ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus); 20+

• Green-veined White (Pieris napi); 1

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